Hi, I'm Sean Chok

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. I'm currently looking for a full-time opportunity as a robotics engineer or software engineer.

If you want to take a look at previous my work, you can find them here:

Feel free to own a copy of my CV: seanchok_cv.pdf

What I used to bang my head around for



I was a co-founder and the Head of Engineering of an MLOps startup that's based in HKU since June 2021. Our platform helps ML teams manage their cloud infrastructure during their ML project lifecycle. We provided services to connect different cloud solutions together to provide data storage, training servers, experiments, and deployments for ML.

My role at the company included

  • planning and coordinating engineering milestones and sprint tasks with team members
  • designing developer tools and engineering solutions to use cloud technologies for MLOps
  • creating and maintaining a Kubernetes cluster to host all applications and services through Terraform and Helm charts

Autonomous exploration robots

This was my final year project as part of my mechanical engineering degree. I worked with 2 others to develop an algorithm that controls a small group of robots to explore an unknown environment to build a map.

The key idea is to

  • detect frontier points, which are boundaries between known and unknown space on the currently known map
  • select a frontier point for each robot to navigate towards
  • on the path to the target frontier point, each robot scans its environment and updates its map
  • after reaching the target frontier point, the procedure repeats until a sufficiently built map is obtained
  • each robot builds a map of its own, and the maps are merged together in real time

Towngas Internship

I was a full time intern at the Hong Kong and China Gas Company (locally known as Towngas) during my university gap year. This was where I learnt that engineering in practice is actually more challenging than I thought. On top of delivering projects on deadlines, I had to manage my relationships with my colleagues and managers.

Projects I was involved in

  • a camera module for in-pipe inspection
  • a raspberry-pi motor controller that interfaces with a mobile app via bluetooth (cultivating into the blue-nebula project)
  • continuous development of an in-pipe linen spraying robot to prolong service life of decades old pipes
  • continuous study of safety of gas pipe purging practices
  • point-to-point underground pipe mapping


I was part of a team that built robots to shoot each other with projectiles on a battlefield like Dota. My contribution was primarily in the design, build, and test of a drone that carries a turret for said shooting.

For a year, our team vomited blood, sweat and tears into building a fleet of specialized robots. It was a beautiful culmination of mechanical, electrical, and software designs working together. Even though we lost all 3 of the group matches we had, we had a lot of fun, and made great memories.

Note to self: if I ever doubt my love for robotics, just look at this picture.

What I aspire to do


Making humans interplanetary

I know it sounds lofty, but I wish to contribute to the effort to making humans interplanetary. Maybe we'll start from Mars, or Venus. Mars seems to be the target for space agencies, and even commercial companies even though I've heard that Venus is easier to terraform.